Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Effortless Trust

A friend of mine once told me,
He married a girl he knew he could love for the rest of his life
And If only God let me choose,
I would choose the one that I know I would trust for the rest of my life,
That even if he asked me to jump to the precipice and said everything will be fine,
I’ll do, with no hesitation.

Mine to you,
Is an effortless trust..
Caused by a magic spell you spread since the first day that we met,
Try that hard to resist but it won’t worked in the end,

I’ve been touched,
By those warm and soft heart,
I’ve been caught, imprisoned on a room with no open door

And now am tired of you ghosting me through the night and the day
Seems like every distraction I made for my self won’t enough to make you fade away,

And am tired of wasting my time on someone who are not right,
And you know everyone who are not you is not right

Would you mind, to come back and fix things you’ve left broken?
Would you mind?

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