Sabtu, 10 Agustus 2013

How we define love.

Look at these two story:

Which one is love?

There is a couple of a girl and boy. People said they were in love. Each them, without denying, agree with that mass mindset, but keep it on the deepest of their heart -ups- Brain.
At first, they just close friend. Time flies, growth another feeling, causes an awkward conversation, an untold jealous, mellow or so on. Beside those negative effect, they feel an addicted happiness every time they heard people mention their 'couple' name. People said, they were in love, untold one.


There is a pair of friend, of a girl and a boy. No one said they were in love but they self, silently, even sometimes they not pretty sure with what they feel. They forget any other expression but smile every time they meet. Burst of happiness is a phrase defined what they feel every time they faced each other. Two third hours always flies fast for their exciting conversation. Not like the first story, there is no jealousy or another mellow effect, both them just feel happy every time they kills time together, just it.

Which one is love?

Since I'm a newbie on love world, maybe it's too early for me to answer, but let me try. Love is about happiness, at least it what have said. For me, both of story could be defined as love, with different type, they brings happiness with a different way. The first story dominated by the romantic side, but the second one lean to "friendship" side -I don't have any other words to define.
What I really want to say with this post is, whatever the kind of your love story, noted yourself that love is just as simple as another brain activity. It’s same with anger, hate, excited, etc. Don't to be wholehearted or too serious when it comes to you. Love is just about hormone called oxytocin, the longest one last maximum 5 years since first explosion. By the facts, I want to remind you, and also myself, to not response it stupidly. If the oxytocin works too excellent, talk to yourself that just a hormone that going to be neutral soon, as I mention above, love just as simple as other brain activity. So you'll not undergo blind love which will successfully kill your rationality. 
Happy trying! :D 

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