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Baran, untold love story

Directed byMajid Majidi
Produced byMajid Majidi
Fouad Nahas
Written byMajid Majidi
StarringHossein Abedini
Zahra Bahrami
Mohammad Amir Naji
Abbas Rahimi

Gholam Ali Bakhshi
Music byAhmad Pejman
Distributed byMiramax Films
Release date(s)January 31, 2001
Running time94 minutes

I want to tell you about one of my favourite movies. The title is “Baran”. Before we talked about the story, we should know about the real condition in Afganistan. Afganistan is a country with conflicts inside. It makes much of the society evacuate their family to the neighbor country, Iran. In hoping that they could get money and save their family.
The setting is in Iran, in a building project. Some of the workers are Iranian, but the other are illegal immigrans from afganistan. The owner of this project is Iranian.
Lateef and Baran meet in that building project. Because the rule in Iran doesn't allow a girl to work, Baran disguise as dumb male, using type of cap in her head, so, no one knows that she is a girl. Her fake name is Rahmat. Lateef hates that Rahmat works in same factory with him because Rahmat confiscated his occupation as the tea maker. Lateef always showing bad attitude and treats Rahmat cruelly. Rahmat works with underpressure feeling.
The situation is change 180o when Lateef know that Baran is woman, not dumb male. He know it when he walks to kitchen of contruction to take something. He hears a hummed song , girl voice. Then he spies , looks inside. He is amazed when he sees Baran graze her long hair. The camera shoot it with slowmotion. After her secret uncovered, Lateef’s heart softens to Rahmat and he shows his new affection by doing what he can to ease the hardships she suffers at works. Lateef always help her when she moved something heavy. Baran fill strange with Lateef. And as the normal woman, she quietly fall in love with Lateef.
In the end of this movie, Baran move back to Afganistan to lived with her uncle because her father died yesterday. Lateef fill so sad and regret. When he heard about this news, he quickly run to baran’s house. Baran wear girly simply dress. She's almost ready to go. They see each other for a second. With untold love story between them.
I love this movie very much because this movie give me something different with the other romantic movie. This movie teach me to be a hardwoker like Baran. She take the highrisk work to fulfill the needed of money for her family. Enjoy it guys!

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